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Hysteresis Synchronous Motor

1. Pear-shaded 2. Spring return capabilities 3. Motor will not burn out and cause damage. 4. Quiet & Smooth 5. Long life 6. With brass and steel gears  

Gear Motors

1. Lower price with high toque performance.It possesses similar features to Oriental or Servo motor. 2. The support wrapped/fixed style gear design. 3. High magnetic rotor design: Material- MQ serial magnet steel (ND-Fe-B) Precision gear set design: Using Swiss 'Mikron' gear hobbing machine 4. Safety/Quality Approvals Details: UL, CE marking, EMC & RoHS

Portable Recycled Magnetic Generator

Breakthrough Green Technology. Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon. We are happy to share the world our new innovation--- Portable Recycled Magnetic Generator. This new innovation has the following features : 1. Automatically charged by magnetic power. 2. No need to charge anymore. Without any electricity or fuel aterial. No more power bills and no more fuel bills.  3. No exhaust, no stinky gas and no noise. Usage: It can be applied wildly. Any products which need use electricity can be powered by our generator. e.g. household Elec. Appliances, Lightings, Electric bicycle, Electric mobility scooter...etc. Output Watt: 800W ~ 3000W…….etc. Please advise us your request, the electricil power, and the product you will apply this generator to. Our professional team will design the right specification generator for you. ********************************************** new energy, green energy,solar energy, wind energy, green power, green generator, green technology, portable generator, recycled generator, green generator, green energy, new energy, wind energy, solar energy, free energy, ********************************************** ------------------------------------------------------ Green Energy, Recycled Energy, Recycling Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Magnetic Energy. Portable Energy Green Power, Recycled Power, Recycling Power, Solar Power, Wind Power, Magentic Power. Green Generator, Recycled Generator, Recycling Generator, Magnetic Generator, Portable Generator Renewable Energy, Renewable Power, Renewable Electricity Ecofriendly , UPS, Environ Generator, Generator Set, backup power, portable power

About Us

Head Company Name: SUHDER Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1st TW Factory: No. 68, Lane 633, Mintsu Road, Tow-Fen, Miaoli County, Taiwan.
2st TW Factory: No.29, Yung Fu Rd, Tou-Fen Tsen, Miaoli County, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Chin-Chih Factory (Powder Metallurgy): No.51 Pei Gu Rd. Sanyi Shiang, Miaoli County, Taiwan.
China factory: The Concerntrated-constructed Quarter of Zhongshan State-Level Torch Hi-Tech
Industrial Development Zone
Established: December 1, 1979
Representative: Mr. Der-Guey Bu
Captial Rate: US$5,000,000.00

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